Don’t kiss me

Don’t kiss me

Acephala’s latest collection “Don’t kiss me” is a homage to French avant-garde photographer and writer Claude Cahun (1894-1954). Cahun throughout her life and artistic work had surpassed gender binaries and played with the fluidity of “I” contesting rigid male/female/child categories. Living with Marcel Moore (Suzanne Malherbe) was yet another challenge raised to the social norms.

Marta Konarzewska and Agata Kubis – our campaign faces – are today’s incarnations of Claude Cahun in two figures. Cahun was a writer (just as Marta) and photographer (just as Agata). Moreover, Agata is much alike to her in terms of physicality, Marta experiments with her image and persona just as Cahun used to do. Last not least, Marta and Agata are a couple bringing up Claude and Marcel’s relationship.

Employing photographs of Marta and Agata  in “Don’t kiss me” campaign is a way of leaving behind the classical formula of fashion campaigns. The emphasis is shifted towards the inspiration and the narrative character of the collection as a whole, creating a micro universe in which the inspiration, the clothes and the persons photographed complement each other. Photos by Sandra Gałka are a continuation of Cahun’s project with the new characters and stories added to it. 

Featuring: Marta Konarzewska, Agata Kubis
Photo: Sandra Gałka
Make-up: Olga Ruśkiewicz
Hair: Sylwia Smuniewska


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