Femme Maison is a short feature fashion movie created by Acephala as part of the Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection.

Cooking, washing up, vacuuming, laundry – repetitive daily home activities are the tedious duties of every “home lady”. In “Femme Maison” these duties are shown in a way that is far from obvious. Main character recreates the space of home into an artistic creation scenery, in which the vacuum cleaner, dirty dishes, laundry rack all become the tools of performance activity. Home appliances are turn into pieces of art, recreating well known works by such artists as: Louise Bourgeois, Yee Sookyung, Daniel Spoerri and Jeff Koons.

“Femme Maison” belongs to the rapidly growing genre of a feature fashion movie.


Reżyseria: Wojciech Tubaja

W roli głównej: Julia Kijowska


Zdjęcia: Mikołaj Syguda

Scenariusz: Monika Kędziora

Montaż: Bartek Korzeniowski & Wojciech Tubaja

Kierownik produkcji: Dominika Burkacka-Brzezińska

Aktor: Daniel Szczypa

Lektorka: Anna Podolak

Scenografia: Ania Witko

Muzyka: Marta Knaflewska

Dźwięk: Remek Zawadzki / Studio 7

Kostiumy: Acephala

Stylizacja: Vasina

Włosy: Kamil Pecka / Jaga Hupało _born to create

Make-up: Magdalena Ciecierska / Inglot

Paznokcie: Monika Jastrzębska / The Esthetic Group





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