Spring-Summer 2021

Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 01


Spring/Summer 2021 collection, dubbed “They shoot dreamer’s, don’t they?” is all about finding comfort in imagination and dreams. It came from pandemy-driven reflection, that although we have been taught tao restrain ourselves from diving into the world of fantasy, sometimes only fantasies can rescue us from reality we are stuck in. Mental escapes shouldn’t be denounced as a childish way out, but on the contrary - as a conscious strategy to explore other universes. And this is how we thought about the whole collection, which came together as a set of everyday clothes with poetic appeal. We believe there is something reassuring in clothes which are suitable for day dreaming: easy, comfortable, vibrant.

Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 02
Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 03

Bringing up childhood imagery and easiness is not something you can develop on demand. We have decided to go to the source and get help from someone who is resident of untouched territories, free from convenances and restrains, natural in exploring gesture and keen to any experiments. This person, the author of the prints, is our 4-year-old son Fryderyk. Two of his artworks became foundation for prints which are signature of this collection. They are rough, expressive and energetic. Inspire to unwind and go wild.

Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 04
Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 05
Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 06


The most striking pieces of the collection are the ones covered in all-over print composed of abstract expressionist brush strokes. These are: parka coat, slip dress, mini skirt, shirt, draped top and a hat. Parka coat combines sporty silhouette with sculptural volume. Oversized fit and a hoodie make it perfect outerwear for different weather conditions. 90’s inspired slip dress thanks to the print escapes from lingerie resemblance into cocktail dresses’ league. Open back top combines classic Acephala drapery with surprising open back, which makes it provocative and playful. The most conceptual element from the collection is a hybrid hat created as an amalgam of a head piece and a cape - an accessory for a true superheroine.

Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 07
Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 08

This collection is predominantly shaped by colour. Hallucinogenic colour palette of peppermint, bisque and grey with touch of fluorescent violet, yellow and red has been translated into everyday separates which stimulates to sensual style combinations. Monochromatic pieces set together in different combinations allow for infinite styling options. Some of them has been decorated with another signature print designed for the collection - the abstracted representation of Acephala studio and boutique. Another one bears the slogan line “They shoot dreamers, don’t they” written in a specially created font. Minimalistic shapes of the garments draw from the brand’s signature vocabulary - there are panel cuts, draperies and bustier top, which are known from previous collections.

Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 09
Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 10

Any collection by Acephala couldn’t be complete without a modern take on a suit. The one coming from SS2021 collection could be called a tracksuit disguised as a tailored suit. Elegant and beautifully cut yet comfortable and easy to wear.

Finally, as sawn in previous collection, some of the pieces has been designed as unisex and can be worn by any gender.

Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 11
Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 12
Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 13
Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 14


Acephala collections are known for translating into language of fashion the works by modern and contemporary (mostly) women artists. It’s not different this time, although art references might be more diverse and obscure this time. Both the collection and the campaign are marked by footprints of our idols for uncensored imagination: masters of gesture like Joan Mitchell and Willem de Kooning, connoisseurs of everyday absurdities like Claes Oldenburg and Jeff Koons, and installation artists Pipilotti List and Olafur Eliassn who are true virtuosos of creating magical and psychedelic atmosphere.

Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 15
Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 16

Following their footsteps we were inspired to construct imagination land and compose magical space which corresponds with eternal mental galaxy (and the clothes, of course!). The campaign has been created by Acephala inside team and close friends.

Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 17
Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 18
Acephala Ss 21 Campaign 19


Photo: Bartek Korzeniowski
Styling: Radek Bagiński
Art Direction: Wojciech Tubaja
Make-up and Hair: Olga Tomaszewicz
Models: Ita Litwiniec/X-Management

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