INSIDERS // FW 2020-21


Fall-Winter 2020-21





If I were forced to describe our new collection “Insiders” with just one sentence I would call it a sartorial performance inspired by contemporary zeitgeist. It’s been a difficult time for all of us and we were determined to enrich our creation with all the emotions triggered by the experience of isolation and “new normal” reality we now live in. We wanted to give you clothes intimate and practical but at the same time full of craftsmanship and artistry. The icon of feminist art and British provocateur Tracey Emin is a muse of the collection and her scandalous “My Bed” installation and confessional patchworks strongly influenced us during the design process. Traces of her work can be found throughout the pieces, e.g. the embroidery, as well as in the mood of the campaign photo shoot.


The title “Insiders” consolidates different reflections which accompanied us during the process of creation. First of all, it evokes the condition of staying at home and determines the choice of styles and fabrics. Most of the collection rests on soft knits and silkies which ensure comfort and sensual pleasure. We wanted to ensure that each single piece has a craftsmanship and statement quality in it. Simple tops and dresses are covered with luminous print mimicking stained glass with decomposed logo letters. T-shirts and tops are decorated with hand-made patchworks created from multiple scratches - technique inspired by the “zero waste” philosophy we eagerly follow.


Going back to “Insiders”, the term has expanded its meaning during the process of working on the collection. Although we were mostly stuck at home, we have been confronted with multiple social conflicts risen by the discrimination politics against LGBT+ in Poland. Determined to support people who are rejected and thrown on the verge of society or even beyond, we designed scarves with a slogan: “EVERYONE SHOULD BE AN INSIDER OF SOCIETY”. We have also opened the door to the new insiders of the Acephala world. The scarves as well as majority of tops and sweatshirts in the collection are designed as unisex pieces. Introduced as an “on demand” category, we are excited to expand our line into more fluid areas and believe it’s just the first step in this direction.


Photo: Bartek Korzeniowski
Art direction: Wojciech Tubaja
Styling: Radek Bagiński
Makeup and hair: Olga Tomaszewicz
Models: Fryderyka / Division, Ludwika / Rebel Models, Maks and Dom / Pinokio Models

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