Aim: to create a flip side to business attire
Idea behind: to create a set of uniforms for creative workers

The inspiration for the collection came from the analysis of working rituals and the belief that clothes can affect the creative process and its stages. The collection is built on 10 different work-associated situations and emotional states: “Writing emails in bed”, “Conference call on Skype”, “Office-related work”, “Running errands in town”, “Business lunch”, “Just one meeting today”, “I need to focus”, “Deadline is coming”, “I need a day off” and “Networking gala”.

It is a story of a woman who instead of blocking out mental states arisen from creative processes puts her neurosis on. Clothes include a poncho-like formal jacket (to be worn nonchalantly on the shoulders), long sleeve top with the “Deadline” embroidery (on the forearm), printed pajama pants, coat-dress blend and a patchwork dress constructed from a set of separate patterns.

Each of them is recreating stereotypical forms of work clothes by experiments with construction, choice of fabrics or by adding witty narrative illustrations created as a collab. with Chicago-based artist Caitlin Carlyle. The fabrics used are as follows: Japanese denim, virgin wool with a Gingham pattern, Italian technical fabric and experimental striped cotton. Two long socks models accompany the collection completing its range.

Photo credit: Konstantin Chernichkin